What are Toon Jacks?

Toon Jack Pontoon Boat Storage BlockToon Jacks are a strong and lightweight storage support fixture designed to support pontoon boats when they are out of the water for service, seasonal storage, or sales display. Toon Jacks are 9.5" tall, have a 13" square base, weigh 3 lbs and keep a boat's keel 8" off the ground.

Toon Jacks are made from a strong co-polymer plastic that is temperature stable, UV resistant, and wont rot or absorb moisture.

Toon Jacks are hollow and stack together easily, so they take up very little space when not in use. So little in fact, that they can often be stored right on the pontoon boat under one of the seats!

So, if you take care of storing your pontoon boat yourself, you are going to love Toon Jacks for their lightweight, convenience, and ease of use. If you own or operate a storage facility that stores pontoon boats, you and your employees will also really appreciate Toon Jacks , as their stackability means that when they are not in use during regular boating season, even large quantities of Toon Jacks will take up very little space in your storage yard.

As a pontoon boat dealer, you too will appreciate not only the convenience and stability, but also the physical appearance. All Toon Jacks are black in color with a smooth semi-gloss surface.